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From To Departure Aircraft Status
ESSA LSZH 12:30 B737 Available
ESSA EGKK 12:35 B737 Available
LFPO ESSA 13:30 B737 Available
LSZH ESSA 13:30 A321 Available
ESSA EFHK 14:30 B737 Available
LSZH ESSA 15:10 B737 Available
EGKK ESSA 15:15 B737 Available
EFHK ESSA 15:45 B737 Available
ESSA ENGM 16:10 A321 Available
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Welcome to Starline Airways

Starline Airways is a virtual airline, started during the spring 2013. It rely solid on technical solutions not found at any other virtual airline. At Starline Airways we believe that the hobby of flight simulation should be conducted whenever you have the time and desire for it. Therefore we have no requirements for our members to preform a specified amount of flights or flight time each month.

Except for an easy to use professional designed website, you'll also find your own personal Electronic Flight Bag to help you with calculations, weather, fuel, charts Etc.
18 February

Starline joins GlobalOne Alliance!

Starting March Starline Airways will gain full membership ofGlobalOne Virtual Airline Alliance. This will provide us newcodesharing opportunities with all GlobalOne members allowingStarline pilots to fly codeshare flights and explore newdestinations. Membership will commence in March once the fleet...
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New members
Naor LeeB2017-05-08
Lukas Musial2017-01-16
Clint Broadwater2017-01-02
bhawani singh2016-10-24
Jakub Bolek2016-10-18
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Flight hours today0 (h)
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Total hours400,5 (h)
Total distance158314 (nm)

1 February

Starline Airways now on iOS & more!

Starline Airways is now on iOS!

We are glad to introduce our new iOS app! You can now accessall our checklists online through our EFB and more directlyfrom your iOS device. We will be adding more features in the
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